New collaboration between the Euro-Mediterranean Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) for the Dialogue of Cultures

This year, Prof. Gaiser, the director of the Orient Institute of Intercultural Studies, became member of the Anna Lindh Report Scientific Committee.
The Euro-Mediterranean Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) for the Dialogue of Cultures is a EU-financed intergovernmental body based in Alexandria, Egypt.

During his stay for the field research in 2009, Prof. Gaiser came in contact with the scientific staff in Alexandria. In the course of a meeting with the current Executive Director, His Excellency Mr. Nabil Al-Sharif, they identified a ignificant area of overlap between the foundation and the Orient Institute for Intercultural Studies: Both institutions encourage the intercultural dialogue between the Arab countries and Europe and aim at collaborating in the field of intercultural education. The realisation of relevant scientific studies and field research projects as well as student exchanges are seen by both institution as cooperation fields.

At the beginning of April 2019 a meeting was held in the EU headquarters in Brussel with representatives of the UNESCO, the French diplomatic corps, the Jordan Radio and Television Corporation, the Universities of Casablanca, Coventry and Karlsruhe as well as in the presence of Prof. Gaiser. The Anna Lindh Survey, the most extensive survey on intercultural topics in the Euro-Arab area, was revised and especially supplemented by current issues. The Anna Lindh staff members responsible for the survey would like to welcome dedicated students of Heilbronn with cross-cultural skills and in-depth insights on either side of the Mediterrean sea to participate in the survey during their practical semester or a thesis. Interested students can contact Professor Gaiser.