New partnership with Management School in Algiers

The establishment of a partnership between the Ecole de Management Alger (EM Alger) and the Orient Institute of Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences signifies am important step in bilateral educational collaboration between Algeria and Germany. The initiative was spearheaded by Dr. Malik Bouacida, the founder of EM Alger, and Prof. Dr. Lars Gaiser, the Director of the Orient Institute. Both academics first crossed paths at EM Strasbourg, where they were engaged in teaching.

The partnership evolved through reciprocal visits, laying the foundation for a fruitful collaboration. In the fall of 2021, Dr. Malik Bouacida visited Heilbronn University, followed by Prof. Dr. Lars Gaiser’s work stay in Algiers in October 2022, graciously funded by the DAAD. These personal encounters, coupled with support from the economically oriented Club de l’Amitié Alsace/Algérie, the Algerian Consulate General in Strasbourg, and different ministries, contributed to establishing the groundwork for future cooperation.

The pinnacle of this development was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in December 2022. Subsequently, work was undertaken on specifics such as equivalence lists and the establishment of a new program in Algiers, aligning with the Heilbronn curriculum in “International Business – Intercultural Studies.” On November 24, 2023, Dr. Malik Bouacida and Prof. Dr. Lars Gaiser visited the Algerian Consulate in Frankfurt, followed by meetings in the Algerian Embassy in Berlin on November 25, 2023. There, they briefed Algerian diplomats on the planned cooperation, deemed the first of its kind between Algeria and Germany.

The reactions from Algerian representatives were extremely positive. His Excellency Consul General Farid Benoudina and His Excellency Minister Counselor Mustapha Abbani welcomed the collaboration, pledging their full support for both: the establishment and future visa matters.

A comprehensive exchange is scheduled to commence in September 2024, aiming to strengthen not only the students of both institutions but also the cultural ties between Algeria and Germany. Another goal of this partnership is the introduction of a dual-degree program, providing students with the opportunity to obtain both Algerian and German degrees.

EM Alger and the Orient Institute of Hochschule Heilbronn are thereby making a statement towards reinforcing academic cooperation and fostering intercultural exchange between Algeria and Germany. This unique partnership not only promises a mutually enriching exchange of knowledge but also a stronger bond between the two countries, particularly in the economic realm, through the graduates of both business schools.