DAAD workshops for the professional development of colleagues in Egypt

In recent years, Professor Gaiser has orchestrated various workshops for the DAAD Cairo.

A significant contribution to the professional development of emerging scholars is his intercultural training titled “Introduction to Intercultural Competence for Egyptian Graduates at German Universities,” designed to PhD candidates for postdoctoral studies in Germany.

Highly sought after was the two-day module on “German Universities of Applied Sciences,” conducted under the guidance of Professor Lars Gaiser and a Professor from northern Germany. During this workshop, Egyptian colleagues not only gained profound insights into the German higher education system but also benefited from Professor Gaiser’s in-depth understanding of the Egyptian university landscape. This unique perspective allowed for a comparative analysis of both educational systems. Consequently, Professor Gaiser and participating professors engaged in discussions on which aspects would be particularly valuable for incorporation into the Egyptian academic sphere. Furthermore, deliberations revolved around the potential interest of German partners in Egyptian educational and research institutions.

Last September, Professor Gaiser directed another highly attended two-day special module, “Landeskunde 2.0: Impulses for German as a Foreign Language Instruction and Module Development.” The aim was to encourage a well-thought-out application of modern cultural studies approaches, making an innovative contribution to the development of Egyptian German as a Foreign Language instruction and area studies.

Collectively, Professor Gaiser’s workshops serve as the foundation for a profound mutual understanding, fostering sustainable intercultural exchange and a cosmopolitan perspective within the academic community.