Institute of Oriental Studies at Heilbronn University

The Orient Institute for Intercultural Studies (OIS) was founded by Prof. Dr. Elias Jammal at Heilbronn University in October 2006.

The most important activitiy of OIS is the enabling studies in the fields of intercultural communication and application-oriented intercultural didactics related to the MENA (Middle East and North Africa).

Research activities are bundled, deepened and expanded through the collaboration with the two study programmes: International Business Management & Intercultural Studies (bachelor programme) and International Business and Intercultural Management (master programme).

The OIS is organizationally assigned to the institute for applied research (IAF) at Heilbronn University. Since 2017, the OIS is managed by Prof. Dr. Lars Gaiser. The tele-collaboration and the study trip to Tunisia belong to the latest projects of the OIS.

Translation: Marvel Yassa