First student apprentice at the Orient Institute

As first student intern at Heilbronn University, I would like to say first and foremost that I had much fun.  I didn’t just learn, but I also enjoyed the time at Heilbronn University. I met a lot of nice people who helped me to reduce prejudices.

I must confess that my first day was especially hard because I could not find the way and got lost and because I didn’t know almost anyone.

After a few days and several visits to lectures, I got used to the strange environment. The people were nice and warm everywhere. Thus I began to feel welcome.

The fact that I am an Egyptian, that I am enrolled in a German language and consequently speak three languages helped me to go and meet people. Later, I also found out that I’m not the only foreigner. Different cultures are mixed together on this campus. That’s just beautiful and encouraged me to talk about my own culture and country, and to be proud of being different.

The working atmosphere was not much different: Everyone was friendly. Although I’m just a school student, I’ve been given tasks that are important and valuable, and that keep me feeling important.

I want to warmly thank Prof. Dr. Lars Gaiser, who was responsible for my entire internship, and the MIBIM Master Class for making this experience very special for me and helping me learn and understand everything I needed to.